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A growing media conglomerate is seeking for the partnership and services of a Senior Editor-in-chief and the highest-ranking content creation officer who holds overall responsibility for all content creation and leads the content distribution strategy for multiple platforms.

Journalistic Expertise:

Possess deep knowledge of and experience in journalism development and implementation in a modern media environment, possess knowledge of how to effectively present content to current Core audience and emerging new audience, on-air, online and on-demand, and:

  • Deep knowledge of and commitment to the tenets, ethics and “commandments” of journalism – the role of journalism in society, including as having organizational courage and serving as a watchdog of the civic sphere;
  • Lead content making that has meaning, purpose and toughness, while moving forward in new, fresh and relevant ways;
  • Having relationship or strong connection to certified news agencies like the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN);
  • Demonstrate ideas and ability to diversify audience appeal, including ethnic, age and education level;
  • Excited about and already engaged in creating the future of journalism on all platforms - possess knowledge of interactive media, publishing and other electronic information and emerging communication technologies;
  • Have knowledge of regulatory governance and rights management regulations in the electronic media industry.

Required Qualifications:

1.       Minimum three(3) years’ experience in media or a related industry

2.       Minimum three (3) years’ in increasingly responsible management/leadership experience.

3.       Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

1.       Demonstrated understanding of programming principles, audience research, operational methods, NCC rules, and the opportunities and challenges of issues facing a disrupted and dis-intermediated media environment, particularly for public broadcasting.


2.       Have an understanding of the history and mission of public broadcasting, be attuned to its current defining differences; have the ability to work productively in the context of a “hybrid” public/community TV and news licensee.




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