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     The World Bank President Sir,

     We are begging the Management & top decision Makers of World Bank, U.N. and other World Economic Regulators whom are Authorities, to shown Politics and focus on fixing the World Economy and challenges rather than pointing fingers at the African leaders of marginalizing other parts of their countries and favoring other parts. The Niger Delta’s and Nigerian living in the Eastern part for instance have been given Licenses by Federal Government of Nigeria ever since to establish and Build Modula Refineries and Power Plants respectively, what they needed ever since was Funding. 

    Our mission when we come on board will be to support Countries, help humanities as the name implies “World Bank means Bank for every one of the World”, to run a parallel Economy for World Bank not interfering with any Countries Economy. Additionally, Is to create and Build more Wealth to the System and to the Citizens, Create new good Jobs opportunity, making live worth livable, Build working and reliable systems that will be available, reliable and be trusted by all.

     The Projects we have in minds which are necessities and basic requirements of life are: Foods, Clothing’s Shelter, Water, Power, Waste Management, Roads, Transportations, etc. 

    There are Continents in the World that are still Virgins that needs massive investment, supports, assistances, leverages, just to mention but few and one among them is Africa. African Continent needs a $10 Trillion USD Investment for a start by next year 2018, if truthfully we want to Eradicate Poverty in this World. For Africa to start fixing most of its critical Problems; African Leaders can no longer meet up   20% of their people’s needs any longer, their Countries Economy are in bad shapes and every world Economy’s knows all these stories.  World decision takers and makers knew all this, but they are skeptical, denying them all the good benefits of humanity, because of some hidden agendas. Third generation slavery is part and one of the hidden agendas of World Powers exercising on Africa. If we refused Africa from liberating itself in this World now, I am afraid because of interconnectivities of the present World, the World will be moving towards doom soon…

    With African full liberation the World will be a better place to live in less than two decades to come, our able Millions of Men and Women will no longer roam around the streets but will be fully engages, if our ideas are taking seriously and happen to see the light of the day.

    Make me the” Vice President Technical and Projects Coordinator for Africa”, with the $10 Trillion USD Propose Budget next year, we should be able to do a lot for African Countries, because at present most of the good things an average Africans are to enjoy have gone, collapses or not even available. This are not times for jokes, Politics cannot take us anywhere any longer, Childs Play are no longer yardstick, but facing the reality and been sympathetic  with the people is going to be our ultimate goal.



    The negative reports on Africans are majorly cause and propagated by West, the press, the media, African looters and exploiters. Our monies are stolen and hidden in the Western World. African Health System as collapses, a serious holistic and urgent approach is required; the time to act and strike is now. And the people that should run and Manages this Funds for World Bank should be God fearing individuals that can be monitors critically, so as not to deviate from original plans.

    Employ me and made me the” Senior Vice President Technical & Projects Coordinator in Africa” and build for us an Office in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria, a 10 Story Building with 100 offices, with its 300 capacity car parking spaces underground the building, a sitting space of not more than 1,000 square meters and a total acquire land space of not more than 10,000 square meters. If I am considered for the offer, you can send me the employment letter through my e-mail: ibrahimedogi@gmail.com and the Original copies through Courier/ P. O. Box 727, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria, West Africa and my Mobil: +2348065760819. If i could commence work earlier as at first week of November, 2017 almost immediately, I will start working on the Strategic plans and prioritizing the Projects as will be listed and explained in the chapters that follow. This will make me to set things in motion (so that before the coming/arrivals of the 99 other Project Management staffs from across the globe or African Countries, that will come to assist and support the dream come through Projects across African States),  I will have gotten my master plan Projects approach on ground. I want to assure every that, the team of hundred (100) able Men we would have in that Building/Structure Coordinated by a good Leadership approach, will be enough to do all the leg works for a start and it will bring about working together, tolerate one another, bringing constructive ideas that are deliverable that will alleviate the sufferings of myself and the African people, by given them new organized Jobs and improving their standards of living.    

    When we are allow by World Bodies and Management of World Bank to come into the system, we would holistically improve the living standards of African citizens and the World in general. Allow us to come into the system to create and generate wealth that will go round the world to make lives better. Allow us to come into the system to give out and get ten times in returns back into the system of World Bank. World Bank doesn’t need only, Harvard Business School’s Graduates and people with PHD’s Certificates, but needs people with first degrees across the World with good Potentials, Experiences, Technocrats, Excellent Accomplishers, people that could take Africa and the entire world to the next levels. Likes of Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberd, Alibaba,  Robert Kiosaki, etc., this people never had PHD’s but today, they are turning their World, our World and making the lives of those around them much better. 

    Meanwhile, with the $10 Trillion USD Budget next year for African Projects that will be committed to my propose Projects, as requested and if approved, we would engages 1000 – 10,000 Corporate Business Owners with good and impressive tracking records with the aim of awarding them Projects and Contracts while we monitors, supervises, coordinates, etc., the Projects from start to finish, while we reports with evidences to Headquarter at intervals to show the percentage of the work done so far.




    The Projects contractors each will be capable of employing 1000 to 10,000 depending on how critical the Projects will be and making sure the Labor force are well taking care of. Our target is within the next 10 years; we should be able to Employed and engages over 100,000,000 people through our Projects programs.

    Nigeria alone will be having a deficit of 35,000MW out of 40,000MW of Energy/Electricity in year 2020 (Road Map to Power Reform Published In 2010) and the year 2020 is around the corner, our plans are if given this opportunity is to increase Power generation to 350,000MW of Energy/Electricity across African Countries before 2028. If given this offer, we would engages first sets of 300 to 500 Corporate Organizations whom are into the business of Energy and Power across the globe, with a total support, understanding and Cooperation’s of OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) such as General Electric, Siemens, Hyundai, etc. For Corporate Organizations to commence an EPC (Engineering Procurement and Constructions) works around 100 different Sites across Africa with a 1000MW Capacity Plant on each site a Project duration of 2-3 years.

    Lagos State, Nigeria alone generates over 10,000 tons of Wastes/Garbage’s daily and the Nigerian States combine, generates over 50,000 tons of un-processed Garbage’s daily, if given this position, we would commence and engages Companies in the processing of Garbage’s to Wealth. We are looking at 500,000 tons across African Countries using R. Tech of Germany, General Electric (G.E.) and other good Organization’s with track records of Managing Waste, Manufacturers of Process Wastes Equipment’s and trainings across the world as our Technical Partners.

    Setting up of a huge Textile and Leather Industries in each African Countries that will be capable of providing the needed Clothing’s, Meats, Milks and foot wears for the Africans and for the World in general and setting up of a very  large Farms to cultivate the needed amount of Cottons and Animals Grassing for this Projects.

    In another development, if given the chance, in the next 10 years we would be looking at Building Houses for One Million Families across African Countries as part of our Plan Projects, such that in every States or Cities across Africa, we should have a single standing 50,000 square meters (L X W) Skyscraper containing 1000 apartments of four (4) bedroom flats each to accommodate 1000 families to be Constructed across 1000 cities and having the remaining land space for other better uses. 

    If given the opportunity, we would mobilizes  another 1000 big Corporate Organization Farmers to cultivate a million square kilometer (1,000,000 km2) or more of Agricultural Land space to grow different crops of high yielding varieties, using the modern Tools, Equipment’s and Machines. For instance an expected yield from Rice should be at least 10 tons per hectare across. Rice and Wheat cultivations will be assign a large portion of the cultivation land spaces.




    Across African States, there are hundreds (100,000’s) of thousands of Entrepreneurs with excellent innovative ideas and talents, but there dreams could not see the light of the days, because of lack of supports and funding to make their dreams a reality. This has been given me a serious concern and sleepiness nights. If given this offer and the right opportunity, such people/Organization data’s will be collected, scrutinized and fully supported. For instant, in Nigeria over 60 Registered Companies have been issued Licenses to build Power Plant and Modular Refineries both from the past and present Administrations, over 95% could not commence due to lack of Capital.

    Power Plants Projects and Modular Refinery Projects are huge capitally intensive Projects (A sound 1,000MW Complete Gas Turbine and Hydro Power Plant Projects are going from between $1.2-1.5Billion USD and between $1.5- about $2Billion USD respectively and a 10,000BPD Sound Modular Refinery Setup will require a Budget of about $100,000,000 USD), how then can African Countries grow and develop without funding?   

    If given the chance, we would mobilizes another sets of 2,000 big Corporate bodies to produce Birds of Ten Thousand (100,000) eggs daily each for nine months and one billion (1, 000, 000,000) birds annually, Ten billion (10,000,000,000) fish of different types and other useful aquatics life’s that Man can rear at pond homes or farm sites annually, such that each farmer should be able to supply out at least 30 tons of Fishes to the Market daily.

    On the area of Roads and Transportations infrastructures, we would concentrates on the Countries on the priority list and we would link them up perfectly together. Our plan is to build Electronic Toll gates to charge according to weight of vehicles so as to be able to generate Income for the System and revenues for the Counties across the electronics devices and weigh bridges synchronize technology. We would concentrate in Constructions; Re-Constructions and Rehabilitations of One Million (1,000,000) kilometers Roads networks, so that within 10-15years we should be done, while the Operations and Maintenance of the Road Facilities will be a continuous business throughout. We would build Electronics toll gates, with a smart card operating debit devices and weigh bridges to determine the amount to debit. The monies realizes in this processes, will be used to pay salaries and allowances, operation and maintenances of Roads facilities, overheads and contingencies settlement, payment of task revenues, payment/remittances to the Investors, etc. On the Railway Transportation, Water Transportation and Air Transportation/Aviation Industries, which are also huge areas of Potential Job Creations and Wealth Creations, we would work with the Organized Corporate Organizations of many years of experience to exploit each and every one of them to the fullness. As you can see it’s a huge task on our side and with the right team of 100 able Men with 100 offices in one structure, we would deliver with impressive results. This is going to be a very huge task and sacrifice on each one of us to Humanity, not a hidden paper Examinations but physical text examinations and testimonies.




    Our aim and objectives is to see that in 10 years’ time of commencement, we should be looking at creating an average of 100 Million Jobs and a $100 Trillion USD Market place for African Economy.

    Meanwhile, we would need a lot of Strategies on Planning, Execution, Directing, Organizing, Coordinating, Trainings and Re-Trainings on the related Projects; the Headquarters has all the Manpower’s, Powers of Regulating and controlling the entire Processes.

    I strongly suggest that the time is now for World Bank to launch its Block Chain Crypto Currency to have its entire Projects transaction key processes in one unbroken Block chain, where all the World Central Banks will key into, while the Commercial Banks key into their Central Banks, this will give birth to single treasure World Account. World Bank should Control Regulation 1, Central Banks should Control Regulation 2 inside 1 and Commercial Bank should control regulation 3 inside 2. If all could work together in this approach, a strong unbroken Block Chains will be born that will regulates all the entire Corporate Organizations of the World under one Umbrella and easy identifications and Monitoring. This approach will bring about Maximum check and balance, Financial Securities, proper easy control and regulation. In conclusion this system could help create more decisive wealth. 

    Furthermore, as part of our Plan, is to have big secured Market were buying’s and selling’s will be taking place daily in every Country of Africa and with a land occupy space of about 100 square kilometers, where Trades of all key Goods and Services will be exchanged with documentation between the two Customers within and outside Africa Countries, so that Africa will become once again the Commercial Nerve of the World by 2030. 

    With the right Investment into the critical Projects and African Infrastructures the ROI annually especially if the Projects as gain ground and have started yielding the needed results, is going to be fantastic if properly monitored and supervised. In my opinion the Loans should not be taking back but 30% of the Annual Profits should be taken/collected through the Project Execution Corporations that is the much reason that all hands are going to be on desk, which can be done by assigning a World Bank representative Financial Managers to those Corporations to handle the Financial transactions of the Projects and reports directly to the Headquarters. It should be stated clearly in our terms and conditions of the Contract Projects, which not more than 1% of the annual Profits before tax will be allow being use by the Corporate Organization Managements in other to avoid and prevent looting of Funds.  

    The penalty in my opinion for theft, stolen and embezzlements should be Death by Hanging.

    Nigeria alone at present produces over 150,000 graduates annually and not up to 5% gets good opportunities after graduation, if given the opportunity; our plan is to meaningfully engage over 1.5 Million across the entire African Countries.




    We would need very good and capable hands with potentials, to be able to handle and meaningfully engages the heavy growing populations across Africa and the entire World at Large, a double effort approach. No more: Games, Politics, favoritism but to face the world reality. To take over the slow phase of activities at the World bodies, the entire World has all it takes, but our Leadership thinking is questionable and something else, we thing and felt that our Leaders in my opinion thinks 20 years backward in a World that changes daily.                              

    The Question and Answer section:

    Question: How many years will it takes Saudi Arabia to generate/accrue a Reserve of $ 1 Trillion USD with World Bank from Crude Oil Sales of an average of $50USD per barrel, with an Export Capacity of Ten Million USD (10,000,000) per day, if Saudi as other sources of Revenues apart from Tourism to Fund their Economy?


    Average of $50USD sales per barrel

    360 days export days per year

    10,000,000 barrels of Crude sales per day

    In 6 years period Saudi should attains the amount

    I.e. 50 X 360 X 10,000,000 X 6

    = $ 1,080,000,000,000

    = $ 1.08 Trillion USD will be recorded in the Reserved Account.

    In my suggestion World Bank should establish new policies of not accepting pay backs of Loans any longer but, to concentrates on continuous 30% remittances of the Profits gains annually especially in the New Projects they will be Investing on from now on, this will increases and improves checks and balances by the World Apex Bank itself.         

    With regards

    Ibrahim M.E. Aliyu

    Mobil: +2348065760819
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