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Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum is a private sector driven initiative which enjoys support from the public sector establishments. It is a platform for Nigerian business owners to interact, network and do business with each other for growth and strength; as Nigeria heads more towards a private sector driven economy.

Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum promotes and propagates information that could enhance the competency, growth and profitability of member organizations as well as promote globalization of member enterprises through monthly business to business networking sessions, sponsorship and participation in foreign trade missions, conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions.

Established in 2010 NEF membership already stands at 200 and projected to reach 1000 enterprises representing various economic sectors by the end of 2011. Our management expertise, vision, membership services and benefits serves as the engine propelling our growth. Our network of businesses and institutional affiliations both locally and internationally gives our members and partners confidence that NEF’s vision could lead to the attainment of their marketing goals, collaborations, joint ventures, manufacturing opportunities, agencies, as well as access to government and other business opportunities.

Our Mission:

To maintain a leadership position as a membership based organization fully satisfying our nations economic agenda by creating access and opportunities for Nigerian Entrepreneurs in the highest professional manner through excellent and competitive services whilst achieving long term sustainability and steady growth.  

Capacity Development
Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum (NEF) provides capacity development programmes for members through seminars, workshop and trainings.
Global Networking
The Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum provides a forum for members to support each other in business, professional and personal growth.
Community Engagement
The Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum(NEF) is passionate about Nigeria’s development process. Therefore we participate in community programmes.
Government Engagement
Goverment Engagement
NEF have established cooperative relationship with local, state, federal and international Agencies whose interest and Assistance may facilitate the growth and economic well-being of members.
Business Funding
Business Funding
The Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum provides strategic access to business funding through her NEFAID global fund for entrepreneurs and through collaboration with business funding bodies
Technical Education
Technical Education
Nigeria Entrepreneurs Forum Institute of Technical Training is one of the foremost vocational training centers in Nigeria which prepares individuals for a dynamic entrepreneurship foundation.
Menbership Registration
Go to the "Membership" page and click on "Join Membership" at the end of the page.You do not need to be a member before you can participate in NEF free public programs like the NEFAID.
Membership verification
Once you complete the registration process, the administrator verifies and validates your application then and notifies you through email , phone call or other means which redirects you to the 3rd stage.
Menbership Payment
Once the administrator validates your applications with notification, you can then proceed to pay for your annual membership fee through our online payment platform, bank deposit or transfer.
Menbership Registration
After your payment, you should be able to receive a professinal guide from the administrator on how to create your online account to start enjoying endless benefits of NEF membership through our network.
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With our National Youth Empowerment program, the NEFAID will train and fund thousands of business with the help of our training partners, donors, sponsors and various organisations devoting their resources to ending extreme poverty in Africa

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